About the WCCA

Originally organized in 1968, the Workman’s Compensation Claims Manager Association was formed primarily for managers and supervisors. In the early 1970s it started to take on the look of the current WCCA, claims examiners were allowed to join as members, and the bylaws gave companies voting privileges.

The WCCA is comprised of claims examiners, employers and risk managers, as well as a variety of professionals in the medical and legal fields. Our educational and training topics reflect the professional needs of our members.

The purpose and objective of WCCA is:

  • To educate its members.
  • To promote the general welfare of our membership by developing close relationships among those engaged in handling of workers’ compensation claims.
  • To ensure cooperation by mutual exchange of experiences and discussions.

The WCCA also offers opportunities for social and pleasure functions including the annual golf tournament and the holiday dinner.

Scholarships are available for members only, the person must be unemployed, and there is a limit to one scholarship per person per year. Scholarships are only available for the seminars. Call the WCCA President or email to: president@wccaonline.org